Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt – October

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Another quick month. Absolutely no blog posts written since the last CPSH. Shocker. November I will be more diligent. Here we go:

Something I Made

My most lovely friend is getting married next weekend and she asked me make her bridesmaids jewellery. Here are the finished articles. I am slightly terrified at the whole situation but so proud to have been asked. Can’t wait for the hooley though!


A statue of Karl Marx – The Founding Father of Sociology – in Berlin the other weekend. All that thinking, and a man of charisma too by all accounts.


Kale! Winter food galore. This whole pan’s worth was my dinner.


The tools just itching to be used.

Motif: Halloween

This is an odd window just near where I live. The contents of it change seasonally, except for the weird bowler hat which is always there. It is an unexplained local landmark.

Thank you Timballoo for your topics for October!


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